Hundreds of pictures from Dragon*Con

After some conventions only very few photos of Luciana find their way to the web, and after others there are so many it becomes almost impossible to sort through all of them. Where Dragon*Con is concerned the latter is true. Very true. The sheer amount of pictures is astonishing this time, and the majority of them are quite beautiful. Sure, Luciana did look very gorgeous, which was undoubtedly a very good reason for anyone with a camera to take a picture or two (or a few hundred), but it’s still a neat surprise.

Luciana Carro and Kevin Grazier at Dragon*Con (image by Acanthine)

Luciana Carro and Kevin Grazier at Dragon*Con (image by Acanthine)

Some of the nuggets include various nice pictures of Luciana at different discussion panels (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), her booth (1, 2) and the Colonial Fleet party.

Also a good place to look for pictures is Luciana’s official Facebook page, where a fan posted this lovely photo. Doesn’t she have great arms? ;-)

But these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg, here is a list of galleries where you will find many, many more:

So enjoy as many of these lovely pictures as you can, it’s more than a month until the next convention.

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