A masterpiece of fan art

Luciana’s longtime fan SamStarEagle (who kindly shared this story with us on the fanboard) finally had the chance to meet her at last week’s Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and for this special occasion he had a wonderful present for her: An incredible piece of fan art which he had painted himself:

SamStarEagle presents Luciana with his wonderful painting

SamStarEagle presents Luciana with his wonderful painting

It is a one of a kind piece of art. It’s no print, and there are no digital copies. There is only the single original, which is now owned by Luciana.

And this is how the very talented artist describes his creation:

“In detail, she’s in the center, flanked by scenes from her Raptor in The Passage, her Viper taking out Scar in Scar, and a beauty shot of her MKII Viper against a nebula…and the brilliant light behind her represents her transcending her physical existence into Elysium where all the Humans in BSG go…”

SamStarEagle always wanted to meet Luciana in person, and this encounter certainly was rewarding for both him and Luciana:

“I actually made something for her in advance of coming there, and while waiting to get checked in Thursday evening, I *thought* I recognized somebody that had just gotten there with a small group…I kept looking and sure enough, it was her. I’d been wanting to meet her for…like, ever since I first saw her on BSG, but I instantly also noticed just how small she is in RL, and also being a guest that was just getting there, I seriously didn’t want to freak her out by thinking she was getting mobbed before the Con even started ( lol) So I very, very carefully went over and remarked “I know you from T.V., right?” , and she politely said yes, so I told her I’d made something for her. She smiled and came over to where I had my bags, and I pulled out the painting I’d made for her carefully keeping it turned around and gave it to her. She took it, took one look at it, gasped outloud and almost followed her jaw to the floor, then looked back at me and looked for a second like she might tear up and told me “thank you” for it and gave me a hug. Apparently she loved it. Heehee…”

Isn’t this an incredible story? You can read the rest of his report here on the fanboard, it’s worth reading. There you can of course also comment on the painting and discuss Dragon*Con in general.

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