Interview: Luciana supports the troops

As promised, the most recent The Sci Fi Guys live show – the Help for Heroes special which included a prerecorded interview with Luciana – is now available for download. You can download either the full episode (more than two hours, 200 MB, her interview starts after about 95 minutes) or an interview-only version.

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes

Before answering questions about her life and career, Luciana explained how she became involved with Help for Heroes, a massive charity dedicated to improving the lives of wounded members of the British Armed Forces.

When Luciana had been in London, she was invited to visit one of the Help for Heroes facilities. Luciana talked to some of the soldiers “who put their lives on the line to fight for their country” and was impressed with the work of the chartiy. Hence, she decided to support Help for Heroes . She asked listeners to bid on a bunch of exclusive items sponsored by The Sci Fi Guys, and it sold for 200 pounds by the end of the show!

It’s a worthy cause and a well-respected charity, so if you want to know more about their activities and ways to support them, please visit their website.

Luciana also talked about acting, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, The Chris Isaak Show, and more. The recap continues behind the cut!

Asked about the roots of her acting career, Luciana mentioned that one of her father’s clients at his beauty salon was a drama teacher. Luciana started working with her at the age of eight. However, she lost interesting in acting after a few years, because it wasn’t cool anymore. So she didn’t act again until her surprise casting in Anne Frank in tenth grade.

When they talked about her pre-acting shyness, Luciana emphasized she’s still shy to a certain degree. Q&As still make her a little uneasy (“sometimes I’m choking up”), but she feels she owes it to the fans.

Wow… I had now idea it was that way! I’m so grateful for all the Q&As that I experienced or watched over the years.

Luciana also mentioned, once again, that “ditzy and sexual” Tanya in The Chris Isaak Show was her second favorite role. An admirer of Shakespeare, she would also really like to do a period piece.

Aside from the Help for Heroes bits, one of the most encouraging and humbling parts was when she talked about the biz. Luciana admitted it was very difficult, but she’s so committed it and wouldn’t give up. Apparently, lots of people told her “You’re too short! Yor hair is too curly! Your’re too pretty”, but she kept working really hard on her craft, so that she could prove herself.

Oh, she’s so admirably strong and dedicated! That part was really inspiring.

Last but not least, Luciana briefly talked about Caprica. And that concluded an unusually serious and insightful interview that didn’t focus as much on Battlestar than most of her previous interviews.

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