Caprica: Luciana happy with look, scripts

Unlike other recurring characters, the name and occupation of Luciana’s character on Caprica have yet to be revealed. However, Luciana did drop us a couple of tiny hints when she was at Dragon*Con last week:

  • Dragon*Con attendee and Fanboard freshman Eurcides reports that Luciana’s awesome, curly hair “was done for her character in Caprica… although she also said it was a work in progress.”
  • At one of the Battlestar Q&As, Mary McDonnell remarked that Luciana gets to wear pretty shoes on Caprica – four-inch high heels, as Luciana happily confirmed.
  • When she talked to The Sci Fi Guys that weekend (more about that interview soon), Luciana briefly touched upon Caprica. She was “flattered to be asked back” and enjoys working with the great material provided by that show. She shot three episodes already. Last but not least, Luciana mentioned that the high heels make her “look like a girl”.

Sounds great! Needless to say, the prospect of seeing curly, girly Lucci in a well-written drama makes my heart flutter! If only she knew!

Next week: Another crucial piece of Luciana’s Caprica wardrobe will be revealed exclusively at this very blog! ;-)

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P.S.: I’m really looking forward to Eddie and Luciana’s Q&A in New York. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a looong fall…

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2 Responses to Caprica: Luciana happy with look, scripts

  1. We did an on camera interview with her during Dragon Con she talks a little about here character there as well:

  2. Frosty JG says:

    Thank you very much for posting this nice interview on our blog. :) She looks absolutely stunning here and is quite a sweetheart. I just wish she would give at least give a little hint about her character on Caprica, other than that she is not related to Kat.

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