Pictures and videos of the Chicago panel

It’s been three weeks since Luciana’s appearance at Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con. As regular readers know, the following days and weeks were dominated by talk about Caprica and Phantom Racer, and rightly so. But now it’s about time to enjoy some great pictures and videos from the Chicago convention.

Most importantly, Edward James Olmos and Luciana gave a Battlestar talk on the first day of the convention. The Q&A was, of course, where Eddie broke the fantastic news of Luciana’s Caprica gig. Other than that, we hardly know what she said at the panel. Besides, Eddie did most of the talking.

Luciana Carro and Edward James Olmos at Chicago Comic-Con (photo by markatisu)

Luciana Carro and Edward James Olmos at Chicago Comic-Con (photo by Mark A. Vasquez)

Fortunately, mooremail recorded parts of the panel and uploaded two videos to YouTube.

The following clip covers Luciana and Eddie’s answers to a question about unscripted moments and improvising on Battlestar. Luciana briefly explains how her performance differed from her lines in the scripts. Eddie talks at length about the famous “So Say We All” scene at the end of the miniseries, and how much it meant to everyone involved.

More videos and pictures behind the cut!

Mooremail also recorded the part where Eddie remembers the day he, Mary McDonnell, David Eick and Ronald D. Moore were the United Nations headquarters in New York and talked about some of the profound issues touched upon by their show, especially racism and racial equality.

Luciana doesn’t say anything in this clip, but what’s noteworthy is that you can clearly see how much she admires Eddie, and how much she likes listening to him.

Speaking of So Say We All: Eddie, Luciana and the enthusiastic audience rounded the panel off with the trademark chant…

Awesome, huh? I had the special pleasure of being led into the chant by Eddie earlier this year, and it was a great moment. Oh, and by the way: I don’t think we ever saw Kat chanting SSWA, so this is probably the first time we have Luciana chanting it on tape.

Last but not least, Mark A. Vasquez and Grant Gould posted a couple pictures on Facebook and Battlestar Blog, respectively.

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