Dragon*Con: Schedules and prices

Dragon*Con is mere days away, so it’s about time for some info on Luciana’s appearance at the giant annual pop culture expo in Atlanta.

And a dozen other Battlestar veterans will be there as well. Fortunately, meshel73 posted a comprehensive list of all the Battlestar themed autograph sessions, panels and photo-ops at the Battlestar Blog.

Some excerpts:


Luciana (guest 67) will sit next to Richard Kiel, and opposite Mary McDonnell and all the other BSG guests (floor plan). Her autographs will probably sell for $25.

Guest panels

Luciana is tentatively scheduled to attend as many as four panels:

Time Panel Where Room
Friday 05:30pm BSG – Launch Tubes Active!
Welcome BSG cast members forstories of the tribulations of the human and cylon races, and just what are they going to do now?

Guests: K. Grazier, K. Vernon, K. McClure, A. Juliani, M. Trucco, L. Carro; Fri 4:00 pm;


Ballroom [M]

Saturday 11:30am BSG-Journey’s End
Old friends and new join us for a discussion on where season 4. Cylons and humans face a world together.

Guests: K. Vernon, E. Olmos, M. McDonnell, A. Juliani, M. Trucco, L. Carro


Ballroom [M]

Sunday 05:30pm BSG – Galactica Decomissioned at last Bring your questions and lets hear tales of the last Battlestar, the home and symbol of humanity’s survival and what it meant to each of them. Guests: R. Hatch, K. Vernon, E. Olmos, K. McClure, M. McDonnell, M. Trucco, L. Carro Atrium

Ballroom [M]

Monday 11:30am BSG – Into the Bright Beyond As all things must end, so does our time with our Battlestar guests. What do they think of their own stories and where their characters ended up? Guests: R. Hatch, K. Grazier, E. Olmos, K. McClure, M. Trucco, L. Carro Atrium

Ballroom [M]

Photo ops (Froggy’s Photos)

Pre-sales will end August 30th at midnight. Tickets will be sold at Dragon*Con.  All photos will be available the same day of the shoot!

Luciana Carro $30.00
Eddie & Luciana: $85
BSG Girls (Mary, Kate, Kandyse, Luciana): $115
BSG Full Group: $240.00

Now all you have to do is show up, say hello, ask some neat questions, and take a couple pretty pictures!

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