Phantom Racer tonight

Update (August 23): Unfortunately, Syfy removed the sneak peek mere hours after the movie had aired.

Tonight’s the night, my fellow fans and friends of Luciana’s! Tonight Luciana’s latest movie, Phantom Racer premieres on Syfy at 9/8c.

In case you’re new here: Part of Syfy’s series of original movies, Phantom Racer is a gory horror flick about a racecar haunted by the evil spirit of a dead driver – and the efforts of another driver to stop the car’s bloody revenge (full synopsis, trailer).

In other words, if you enjoyed Jamie Bamber’s Pulse 2: Afterlife or Katee Sackhoff’s The Last Sentinel, you’re gonna love this one! ;-)

Luciana portrays Deputy Sheriff Monroe, and has at least two scenes.

Luciana in the Phantom Racer trailer

Luciana in the Phantom Racer trailer

As it happens, Syfy posted another sneak peek today – and it’s a scene featuring Luciana as Deputy Monroe! The action and style reminds me a lot of Kat in the first episodes of Battlestar season 2. Warning: The clip is intense and spoilery – you wuz warned!

Alright, just a few hours left… I can’t wait to watch the actual movie, and I hope some of you will share your thoughts tomorrow! We’ll post screencaps and clips as soon as possible.

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