Dragon*Con: BSG panels, Scifi dinner

As you probably know, Luciana and a dozen fellow Battlestar people will attend next month’s gargantuan Dragon*Con (September 4-7 in Atlanta, Georgia).

The American Sci-Fi Media Track have recently posted the Battlestar and Caprica themed guest panels for this convention on their website. None of the guests have been announced, yet (except for Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos, who will sit on Friday’s panel).

Since the list includes four other genuine guest panels, I’m confident Luciana will get to talk about her Battlestar journey. Or Caprica, for that matter. How about some info on her role? After all, we were told whom fellow recent cast additions James Marsters, Patton Oswalt and Scott Porter would portray.

(By the way: Sadly, director Michael Nankin had to cancel his appearance at Dragon*Con. I was really looking forward to new insights into “Scar”, “The Passage” or any other of his consistently wonderful episodes. Full BSG guest list here.)

Oh, and there’s more: Apparently, Luciana is scheduled to appear at the SciFiHero Dinner on Dragon*Con Sunday (her name is mentioned somewhere down this thread, where all the info can be found). You can’t register for the event anymore, but it seems tickets will be available on site.

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