The day she was an ape. And rapping

Last weekend was very special. It was when most of us learned of the stunning news that Luciana was cast in Caprica. And we’re still blissed out!

However, last weekend also marked the bittersweet, first anniversary of Galactica Four. First and foremost, that anniversary evoked so many wonderful memories of the time that Frosty JG and I spent at this marvelous convention. On the other hand, it’s sad to realize it has been more than a year since we last saw Luciana. And we miss her so much…

Luciana Carro at Galactica Four - Sunday Q&A

Luciana Carro at Galactica Four - Sunday Q&A (photo by the4ts)

Anyway: A cozy and welll-run Battlestar convention, Galactica Four was held August 8-10, 2008, at the Thistle Hotel at London-Heathrow Airport. Next to around 100 fans, Luciana was joined by three Battlestar Galactica castmates: the articulate and modest Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama), the charismatic and enigmatic Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben Conoy), and the funny and generous Rick Worthy (Simon).

We have pictures, and transcripts, and videos, oh my!

Luciana’s Q&As

The two talks Luciana gave at Galactica Four were unusual in that she answered dozens of questions each day, briefly touching upon her early years and private life as well as her stint on Battlestar and many other projects. Luciana was in a great mood, which made for two entertaining Q&As.

And the turquois dress… wow! Too bad we’ve never seen her wearing it again.

Luciana Carro at Galactica Four - Saturday Q&A (photo by 4ts)

Luciana Carro at Galactica Four - Saturday Q&A (photo by 4ts)

Both panels were partially transcribed by the great people of 3xcusemyfrench, a wonderful LiveJournal community dedicated to reports from conventions in Europe.

On Saturday Luciana talked about Edward James Olmos, the last day of shooting “The Passage”, her worst BSG scene, Everwood, doing theater, her dream role, her favorite actors, and Terry Fox. And on Sunday she answered questions about technobabble and shooting guns on BSG, playing Anne Frank, her dogs, cats and fish, and her childhood.

Whose line is it anyway?

Whereas the Q&As were mostly serious, Sunday afternoon’s comedy improv session was pure, hilarious fun. Luciana, Callum and Rick were asked to perform parts of a couple Battlestar scripts in several crazy styles – and they had the audience rolling in laughter!

I will never forget Luciana’s rap, or the moment she went ape and picked Callum’s hair, or her cute Adama impression. Fortunately, you can watch the better half of the “Whose line is it anyway?” session here on the Fansite.

Improv comedy at Galactica Four (photo by the4ts)

Improv comedy at Galactica Four (photo by the4ts)

Pictures and personal memories

As I said, Galactica Four was the third and last time we met Luciana, so those memories are very dear to our heart. You know, I had never been particularly fond of Dirty Dancing, let alone “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”. Yet, ever since I’ve seen Luciana being fired up by this song on the dancefloor, it always puts a smile on my face. Like so many other things.

And it wasn’t just Luciana. Next to Battlestar fans from all over Europe, we also got to meet two very nice ladies from Canada –  Luciana’s mother, Mary (who was kind enough to send in a picture of me, Luciana and Frosty) and Luciana’s aunt, Joanna. Can you imagine how special it is to watch somebody’s Q&As while sitting next to their relatives? And it was kindness all day round.

Bottom line: It doesn’t get better than that. We should do this again! (By the way, many more photos of Luciana at Galactica Four can be found in our gallery.)

P.S.: We aren’t the only ones to celebrate the convention’s first anniversary with a nostalgic report. A report focused on Callum Keith Rennie’s activities at the con was recently added to The CKR Files, an impressive archive of all things Callum.

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