Caprica: Luciana signed on for five eps

Luciana to appear on Caprica? Confirmed. But it gets better.

Until a few hours ago, we didn’t know if savvy Edward James Olmos really meant it when he told audiences at Wizard World Chicago’s Battlestar Q&A that Luciana would “join the cast” (as opposed to a one-off appearance, which would have been fantastic none the less, of course).

Turns out he did! We know this because Grant Gould (gdg), illustrator extraordinaire and founder of the fabulous Battlestar Blog, talked to Luciana at the convention. And she told him she’s signed on for five episodes.

Recurring! Five episodes! At least!


That’s just wonderful. Congratulations to our Luciana!

Meanwhile, we’re so excited, so grateful – and very much looking forward to discussing every relevant aspect of her latest terrific job, and Caprica in general, at this blog and in the Fanboard’s brand-new Caprica section. The Fansite’s Caprica section will follow very soon.

Join us for the ride! It’s gonna be wild.

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