First clip from Phantom Racer

Luciana’s latest movie, Phantom Racer, premieres August 22 on Syfy (USA). And it seems promo gets rolling – finally.

Following last week’s release of the first official pictures, distributor RHI Entertainment has now posted an exlusive clip on YouTube. The video shows minor characters Owen (Andrew Francis) and Taz (Brett Dier) dealing with the possessed racing car. Graphic!

The video comes with a new, detailed and very spoilery synopsis:

Dead ahead lies one hundred miles of lonely asphalt, but the car in the rear view mirror tells you that youre not alone. Its gaining on you—and its out for blood.

In the small town of Farewell Bend, best friends and rivals JJ Sawyer (Greg Evigan, Melrose Place) and Cutter McCullough (Adam Battrick, Riding the Bullet) shared a lot of things: a love of racing, a beautiful blond named Tammy (Nicole Eggert, Baywatch), and the need to win. After a fiery crash killed Cutter, JJ left Farewell Bend and abandoned his dreams. Now, after 17 years as a big-rig driver, fate brings JJ back home, where he rekindles an old romance with Tammy and discovers he has a teenage daughter, Jesse, he never knew existed. The most unnerving discovery is that Cutters brother, Cliff, has restored Cutters car to its original glory. But it doesnt run on gas. Its fueled by 17 years of bad blood. And revenge has driven it and Cutter back from hell.

Its seat belts can crush a rib cage in seconds. Razor sharp wipers slice and dice human flesh. The trunk is a gaping maw that snaps up prey and eviscerates like a meat grinder. And as unlucky Cliff learns, the windows decapitate as neatly and swiftly as a guillotine. When the local law is picked off one by one by the prowling, growling phantom racer, its time for JJ to hit the road—with Tammy and Jesse riding shotgun. But theyre not burning up the asphalt alone. Cutter is hot on their tail—remorseless, unstoppable, and dying for one last race to the death. And hes not going to rest in peace until everyone he left behind is road kill.

Fast and furious, Phantom Racer is a thrilling new movie from RHI Entertainment . Let the road games begin.

“Local law” most likely includes Deputy Sheriff Monroe (Luciana), so you better stock up on barf bags.

Meanwhile, we’re still hoping to find a picture of Monroe before the movie airs.

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