Luciana cast in Caprica

Update II (Monday)

We’re told Luciana has signed on for at least five episodes.

Update I (Saturday)

LiveJournalist cujoy confirms the news and adds:

“There was absolutely no elaboration whatsoever about what her role on Caprica will be. However, they used the phrase, ‘joined the cast’ which sounds more like she’ll be in more than one episode than not.

That sounds so good. There are no words to describe how fantastic a recurring role would be! By the way, it was Eddie who broke the news of Luciana’s hiring during the Q&A, actually. That guy really knows how to do promo ;-)

Original post (Friday)

Luciana just let this bomb drop: She’s going to be on Caprica!

This amazing and stunning news was tweeted by cjcubs, a lucky fan who attended Friday night’s Battlestar Q&A at Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con. She also writes that Luciana will be the only member of the Battlestar cast to appear on the show. (For now?)

Wow. How’s that for shocker? I wish I could express how incredibly happy I am for Luciana at this very moment, but I’m utterly speechless. She deserves this so much, and Caprica deserves her.

Besides, I had already been very much looking forward to the freshman season of this show, so this is a fanboy dream come true.

Caprica leads Esai Mprales (Joseph Adama) and Eric Stoltz (Daniel Graystone)

Caprica leads Esai Morales (Joseph Adama) and Eric Stoltz (Daniel Graystone)

In case you haven’t heard of Caprica, yet: It’s the highly anticipated prequel to Battlestar Galactica, set 58 years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. Created by Remi Aubuchon, David Eick and Ronald D. Moore, Caprica chronicles the lives of two families in Caprica City (among them, the Adamas) and shows the development of the Cylons.

The pilot was released on DVD in April, and the first season will premiere on Syfy in January 2010. The showrunner is Battlestar and Buffy veteran, Jane Espenson. In a twist of irony, Espenson was also the writer of “The Passage”, the episode of Kat’s death and Luciana’s final appearance on Battlestar (not counting the alternative ending of “Maelstrom”).

By the way: Caprica may or may not be the secret project Luciana mentioned on Facebook earlier this week.

More updates as we get them!

Another personal comment: Oh my gosh… when was the last time I cried because of Luciana? This is so incredible. I think now is the perfect time to have my very first drink this year, lol.

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