Wizard World Chicago this weekend

Since Luciana was on the set of a secret new project earlier this week, some of you may have been wondering if she’d be able to attend Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con this weekend. Fortunately, she is — along with fellow Battlestar Galactica veterans Michael Hogan (Saul Tigh) and Edward James Olmos (William Adama).

Next to signing autographs and posing for pictures, Luciana and her BSG colleagues are also scheduled to appear at two Battlestar-themed special events — a one-hour BSG talk this afternoon (Friday), and a “Dinner with the Stars” ($150) on Saturday.

Wizard World Philadelphia, June 2009 (photo by Designer of Doom)

Wizard World Philadelphia, June 2009 (photo by Designer of Doom)

To all attendees: If you enjoyed meeting Luciana at her booth, talked to her at the dinner, or saw her speaking at the Battlestar panel, and would like to share any pictures, videos or stories, please comment on this post, or contact Pedda. It would be greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, check out all the great pictures, reports and videos from June’s Wizard World Philadelphia.

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P.S.: The fabulous Michelle Rodriguez will also be in attendance. Did you know there are people who think Michelle and the character she portrayed on Lost, Ana-Lucia, share some similarities with Luciana and Kat, respectively? Is it the looks… the attitude towards life… or the temper? ;-)

Next up: BSG stills, an interview, and a special anniversary

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