A time to celebrate

Fantastic news, everyone!

We’re very happy to report that Luciana recently announced on Facebook she’s filming a new movie or TV episode this week! We’re so excited, and we’d love to tell you more. However, we have yet to hear anything specific about this new project.

So… more updates as we get them!

Luciana reading her latest script

Luciana going to the last page of her new script. Kind of a habit lately

By the way: If you happen to work, say, for craft services on the set of this mysterious production, could you tell us if she’s wearing fangs? Or a fake belly? (Trust me, we’ve been there.) Or… pink shoes!? Well, any other juicy info would be just as fine, of course. Just use the comment section or send me an email!  And no worries, we can keep a secret. Or two.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch of a tough little band of fans, there’s reason to celebrate, too! For this week marks the third anniversary of the Luciana Carro Fanboard. Since it was launched by Solium in August 2006, the Fanboard has been the prime refuge for those fans who want to share and grow their enthusiasm, love and support for this remarkable woman.

Over the years, the Fanboard has become a huge archive of all things Lucci, and spawned both the Luciana Carro Fansite and, recently, this blog. Although the community has always been very small, we all cherish the friendships and the inspiration it has brought into our lives. Hence, we very much look forward to the next three years…

Luciana Carro Fanboard

Luciana Carro Fanboard

P.S.: The first picture is actually a screencap from the series finale of The Chris Isaak Show. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking! But let me tell you, she’s talking about Nietzsche in that episode.

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