Luciana on BSG, career, cons, and life

It’s hard to overstate just how much we love finding new pictures and videos of Luciana. As goes for sharing them at this blog, of course. Moreover, I browse the Fansite’s ever-growing media archive several times a week. And judging by some stats, you guys love viewing this stuff, too.

Yet, a recent discussion on Luciana’s Facebook page reminded me of something that, while sounding trivial, is actually very important to us: There’s so much more to Luciana than pretty pics and cute videos!

That’s why I encourage all of you to join us in discovering, appreciating, and discussing what we know about Luciana’s life and work, as well as her thoughts and ideas. Now, reading her bio and watching her movies and episodes is a good start, of course.

But if you want to know

  • where Luciana comes from and what made her become an actress,
  • how she approached and experienced her career in film and television,
  • why Battlestar Galactica was the wildest ride of her life,
  • what she remembers about her adventures on the convention circuit,
  • and, last but not least, how she thinks about life in general,

you should definitely check out our new and improved archive of articles, interviews and Q&As! It includes links to every interview or Q&A that we know of, as well as an index of all the topics covered in these articles.

Luciana's solo Q&A at the 2007 Crossroads convention in Germany (photo by Jadda)

Luciana's solo Q&A at the 2007 Crossroads convention in Germany (photo by Jadda)

Pretty much all these articles are worth your time, but here my editor’s picks:

  • Transcript of Utopia Q&As: In one of her best convention hours, Luciana tells the story of her two dogs, recalls working on Snowglobe, and reenacts the day she learned of Kat’s death. I wish you guys could see the video. Still one of my all-time faves.
  • Galactica.TV interview: The most extensive interview to date, this article elaborates on Luciana’s decision to become an actress, examines the evolution of Kat and the Kat/Kara rivalrly in great detail, and touches upon many of her previous TV projects.
  • Femme Fatales: Heh. Once you’re done with those lengthy texts, please reward yourself and enjoy the sexy silliness of a men’s magazine article investigating the “sweaty action” Luciana gets into ^^

So read away! And if you happen to know anything about any other article or interview, or if you can tell us anything about some of the Battlestar Q&As she’s done over the years, please drop a note in the comment section.

Next up: Frak those interviews… Moar pictures!!! ;-)

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