Harvey Frand has passed away

No SDCC updates today, as we have sad news: Harvey Frand has passed away.

Harvey Frand had been Battlestar Galactica’s line producer for five years, managing the budget and overseeing production in Vancouver. Last year, his work on the show was recognized with an Emmy for the “Razor” webisodes.

Harvey Frand (page from the Battlestar Galactica Cast & Crew Yearbook)

Harvey Frand (page from the Battlestar Galactica Cast & Crew Yearbook)

Some reactions from the cast and crew:

He always made us feel like he was looking after us, which is rare in this cutthroat business we’re in.” (James Callis)

“Smart, funny, charming and so good at his job that he seemed to be able to steer the ship with just the lightest touch of his finger on the tiller.” (Jane Espenson)

“There are very few people who’s goal in life seems to be to make everyone else’s journey easier. Great man.” (Mark Sheppard)

“Harvey kept the production train on the tracks and was hugely responsible for physically making the show. He was also a gentleman, and a gentle man… truly one of a kind. He will be missed.” (Mark Verheiden)

Friday’s Battlestar concert in San Diego became an impromptu tribute to the producer, with many of the cast and crew gathering on stage and sharing stories about the producer, and the man.

Five years ago, Harvey Frand was also involved with bringing Luciana in for Battlestar, and to our attention:

The reason they knew about me was because I had auditioned for something that Harvey Frand [producer for Battlestar Galactica] was putting together called Painkiller Jane and I was up for that, and I didn’t end up booking that. So they ended up bringing me in for Galactica, and I auditioned for a really small part.” (Luciana, Galactica.TV interview)

Harvey Frand was 68. Our thoughts and prayers are with those he left behind.

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