Pictures, report from SDCC: Surprise!

Contrary to our expectations from a few days ago, we don’t have any photos of Luciana signing autographs or posing for pictures at her booth at San Diego Comic-Con. At least, not yet.

But we have something even better! For, we’re very happy to report that Luciana was a special surprise guest at Thursday’s Battlestar Galactica: A Retrospective panel that was moderated by Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek). Also attending the panel were science advisor Kevin Grazier, composer Bear McCreary, writer Michael Taylor (“Unfinished Business”), and producer Tom DeSanto, who had been involved with a BSG remake that was aborted in 2001.

Sadly, with so many other panelists sitting next to her, Luciana apparently got just one or two questions, and we have yet to find out what they were about. Meanwhile, we present the following pictures from the panel.

First of all, Jim Quon (Scarbuck) took those two photos, showing Luciana when she arrived at the panel, and when she answered a question:

user posted image user posted image

Second, you can find a bunch of similar (but equally lovely) pictures in lucky attendees Eylenberg and popcultref’s galleries. Tease:

Yes, we wish we could have been there.

But there’s more! Later that day, Luciana was once again a special surprise guest – this time at the highly anticipated concert given by Bear McCreary and the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra at the House of Blues in San Diego. Says Bear:

Eddie Olmos was an amazing MC, and the surprise visits from Richard Hatch, Luciana Carro and Michael Hogan brought the house down… not to mention the surprise duet with me and Katee Sackhoff playing All Along the Watchtower on piano.

You can read Bear’s thoughts on the concert, and the comments of some attendees, here on his wonderful blog. He and the orchestra are also planning on releasing a DVD with material from at least one of their San Diego concerts. This is gonna be so good. I can’t wait to listen to the mesmerizing music of Battlestar and watch the passionate performances of the orchestra in great quality!

More updates as we get them!

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