Hollywood Show this weekend

While we marvel at the latest pictures, Luciana will be a guest at Hollywood Show, a signing show held at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center this weekend.

To all you lucky attendees: If you’d like to share any pictures, videos or stories from Hollywood Show, please comment on this post, or contact Pedda.

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2 Responses to Hollywood Show this weekend

  1. chet cohen says:

    Hello everyone… I promised to give a report on this show and here it goes…

    I arrived just after 10am local time to find a line of over 200 fans waiting to get in. After a slow, but moving line I made it in. The place was already very busy. I tracked down Luciana who, god bless her soul, remembered my name and walked me over to her table. She was stopped mid-trip and photographed by 5-6 professional photogs. She looked beautiful as always. Via eBay, I was able to acquire a Kat action figure. I had her sign the box cover. I got a photo with her holding the boxed figure. I also took one other photo with her without the figure. While we were chatting, the same group of 5-6 professional photogs asked to take photos of her holding my Kat figure. I obliged and they snapped away. We spoke for a good 20 minutes. I parted ways to see the 100 or so other celebs in attendance. After a lunch break, I went to say goodbye, but she had split a little early. I did mention to her that I would not be attending this event on Sunday, 7/19, but that I would be at Comic-Con in San Diego. Its too good of a show to miss. Not sure how I can upload the pictures here. I did post one of them on Luci’s FB page.

    That’s all folks… Chet

  2. Frosty JG says:

    Chet, it’s great to hear you had such a wonderful time there. And thank you very much for sharing your experiences here, it’s much appreciated. :)
    About the pictures: You can upload them to photobucket or somewhere else and link to them, or you can send them by email to Pedda or me (JayManNo1@hotmail.com) so we can publish them. Btw, I’ve seen the pictures you posted on Lucci’s FB page, I love them.

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