Stills from Battlestar, season one

On the heels of today’s “launch” of the Fansite’s small Battlestar section we proudly present six gorgeous promo stills featuring Luciana as Louanne “Kat” Katraine.

First, the three stills for 1.10 “The Hand of God” are now available as large and, even more importantly, watermark-free pictures:

Second, we finally got our hands on the original digital version of the famous Memorial Wall picture (the first of the following photos), as well as two other, very similar photos (all of which were taken when “Scar” was shot):

Can’t take your eyes of these, huh? You should really get one or more of them signed and framed one day. Meanwhile, you can view these and many other stills here on the Fansite.

By the way, additional large and clean(!) stills from seasons two and three (in particular, amazing stills for key Kat episodes 2.15 “Scar” and 3.10 “The Passage”) will soon be published on the Fansite, too.

Fanboard links: BSG promo stills, pictures from “The Hand of God”

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