New review of "The Passage"

If you are a fan of Kat (and I would guess most people who visit this blog are), you know that “The Passage” is the Battlestar Galactica episode where Kat played the most important part… and it was also her last. Because of her death and the revelations about her past, this episode is discussed rather controversial amongst fans of Kat.

Now, more than two and a half years after the episode first aired, the blog The Daily Drew has posted an interesting review of this episode. But the reviewer doesn’t discuss the plot of the episode, instead he focuses almost solely on Kat and Luciana. And he has good things to say about her:

Kat was one of those new pilots, along with Hot Dog. But while Hot DOg has never really been given a great deal to do, Kat has managed to run herself into a pretty important character.

And I think just about all of this comes down to Luciana Carro’s performance. Despite her small frame, she manages to fill the screen every time she appears. Love her or hate her, Kat is impossible to ignore. Every single scene is played to the hilt, and absolutely nothing is left on the table. Carro’s performance simply demands that you take notice.

Well observed, and I think we can all agree with that. He also makes the following observation:

Kat decides to expose herself to more lethal radiation even after reaching her maximum dose. That decision is a suicide. It is only after that point that she makes a heroic effort to save innocent lives. The two things really aren’t connected.

This is one point why many fans of Kat have a problem with this episode. For most people, smuggling wouldn’t be a reason to commit suicide, and in addition to that Kat has proved often enough to her comrades and superiors that she wants to be – and is – a good person. But the writers had decided to kill a character off, so she had to go somehow.

But no matter how Kat’s life ended, I fully agree with the following assessment:

She was a terrific character who added a lot to this show, even with a relatively small part.

Drew’s little review is worth reading, and it’s good to know that even after such a long time, Luciana’s portrayal of Kat still has an impact on people. And if you want to, you can share your own opinion about “The Passage” and how Kat’s character development and death were handled in the episode in this thread on the fanboard.

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