Luciana at BSG concert in Los Angeles

Few people behind the scenes of Battlestar Galactica are as universally praised by colleagues, critics and fans as Bear McCreary. The show’s terrific composer since season 1, his CDs sell like hot cakes. And once in a while, he’s celebrated like a rock star.

Following last year’s extremely succesful concerts at the Roxy in Los Angeles, McCreary and his band scheduled a “Southern California Tour” for this summer. Two weeks ago, this series of four live shows was kicked off with a free concert in downtown Los Angeles.

Next to a large number of fans, the concert’s audience included many members of the cast and crew of Battlestar and Caprica — and Luciana, who recently described the experience as “electrifying”. And thanks to Jeremy “Sephiroth” Owens and Jim “Scarbuck” Quon, we’ve also got three lovely pictures of her at the concert.

Luciana Carro at the Battlestar concert (by Jim Quon)

By the way, you can – actually you should – watch almost the entire concert and view lots of great pictures here at McCreary’s blog.

P.S.: Speaking of Bear and Kat… a few months ago, a friend of mine and I were extremely lucky to witness Bear playing “Kat’s Sacrifice”, the harrowing cue written for “The Passage”. You can read about this very special moment (and very special day, for that matter) here on the Fanboard.

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