New interview, report from Philly Q&A

When Luciana attended Wizard World Philadelphia last weekend, she was interviewed by James Young from local production studio Delphia Entertainment. They talk about “The Passage”, and Luciana reveals how many Philly cheese steaks she ate that weekend.

Next to Luciana and Mia St. John, James and Delphia Entertainment interviewed more than a dozen other WWP guests. You can find all their videos here on YouTube.

Speaking of Luciana at Wizard World Philly: A few days ago we presented videos from the Q&A panel attended by all four Battlestar guests. Meanwhile, host Jim Gibbons posted an enthusiastic report on moderating an insightful panel and meeting lovely BSG stars:

[They] were extremely friendly and gracious, Olmos particularly so as he thanked me warmly for taking time to host, and I was amazed by how enthused they seemed just to be there since some con guests aren’t always as thrilled to see fans as their fans are to see them.


At this point, I could spend hours upon hours going into how impressed I was with the insight this cast had into their show and mention numerous reasons why each facet of every answer was a tasty nerd nugget for massive fans of the show like myself.


The two women of “BSG” on the panel also had to field the first two fan questions, which were not only directed specifically at them but were particularly in-depth and intellectual questions, and their answers proved that both women had done a lot of thinking about this show and their characters and could easily handle replying in relation to overarching themes like feminism.


At one point, I noticed Olmos had been talking a lot but had no water. He grabbed some water, but not wanting any “BSG” cast member to be without, I grabbed one of the extra bottles I brought, placed it in front of Olmos and he passed it to Carro who needed a fresh water.

Now doesn’t that sound amazing and truly special? What a great bunch of people. Make sure to read the full post on Jim’s blog. And here’s hoping we’ll get to read — or even watch — some of  the other answers given by Luciana and Nicki, in particular.

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