Air date for Phantom Racer

Luciana’s new movie of the week, Phantom Racer, will air on Saturday, August 22, at 9 pm Eastern Time on the Sci Fi Channel (then to be known as Syfy), according to their schedule. It will be shown again a few hours later at 1 am.

Interestingly, horror genre website Fangoria refers to the movie occupying these time slots as Fast & Ferocious, which may suggest the title of the movie will be changed, or a title change has at least been considered at one point.

Phantom Racer is a Syfy original movie starring Greg Evigan (of B.J. and the Bear fame) as a former race car driver battling a car haunted by the vengeful spirit of a dead rival. Luciana plays deputy sheriff Monroe.

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1 Response to Air date for Phantom Racer

  1. Richard Kallao says:

    Can’t wait to see Phantom Racer .With Luciana starring in it it should be a darn
    good movie , I know I’ll be in line .

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