Video of Wizard World’s BSG Q&A

The attendees of Luciana’s most recent convention are really good to us, uploading lots of great material so early. Hence, next to yesterday’s first batch of adorable pictures we are now happy to present a few videos from Wizard World.

OrzoEntertainment filmed Luciana at her booth on Saturday, though very briefly:

I still wonder what’s up with the blaster on the table… Did Luciana put it there to scare off importunate or lovesick geeks, or was she expecting to meet BSG fans in a Centurion costume again? ;-)

Speaking of Battlestar: With Nicki Clyne, Michael Hogan and Edward J. Olmos in attendance as well, Wizard World invited all BSG actors to come together for a Q&A on Saturday. The panel was hosted by Jim Gibbons, who just described this job as the “greatest nerd moment of my life”.

I feel you, Jim.

Well, on to the footage: YouTuber Frotis420 uploaded several parts of the panel! Among other things, he recorded Luciana’s tale of how she learned of Kat’s death back in summer 2006, shortly before shooting “Unfinished Business”:

I have heard and read this emotional story many times, yet it doesn’t fail to touch me, and I still very much enjoy seeing Luciana literally perform it. Plus, she added one or two bits we haven’t heard before, I think.

Frotis420’s other Q&A vids are interesting, too, of course (though Luciana doesn’t answer any questions in those parts).

Needless to say, more pictures and videos are certainly on the way, so don’t forget to check back soon (and spread the word, gentle readers). Meanwhile, we’re preparing some really good stuff for the blog and the Fansite.

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