First pictures from Wizard World Philly

The convention is barely over, yet the first beautiful pictures of Luciana at the Wizard World in Philadelphia have already appeared on the web.

Luciana and Nicki Clyne at the Wizard World Philadelphia (picture by random 420)

Luciana Carro and Nicki Clyne during the Battlestar Q&A at the Wizard World Philadelphia (picture by random420)

In random420‘s flickr gallery, you can find five nice pictures of Luciana during the panel with her Battlestar colleagues. (And we look very much forward to stories and videos from what looks to have been an exciting Q&A.)

There are several more pictures of the panel in crazygolfa’s gallery, while wipeoutpdr posted two pictures of Luciana at her autograph booth.

More pictures as we get them…

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3 Responses to First pictures from Wizard World Philly

  1. Jim Gibbons says:

    Hey Folks!
    I’m the guy who hosted the panel and I am looking for pictures from it…ideally featuring myself, Mr. Moderator, but any and all photos will do. If you have any or know of great places to get them (this post was super helpful, thanks!), please email me at jimgibbons1[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Thanks so much!

    And boy, what a great panel! The greatest nerd moment of my life hosting it, that’s for sure!


  2. Richard Kallao says:

    Hope Luciana is doing well hope she wasn’t on DC rail collision that happen today . I took Amtrak from Philly to Florida I had fun believe me . I wonder how stars get around or most of them ? That’s always curious to me how stars live . They work just like we do but they have a much harder time in
    fact looking for roles and films to star in . Just concerned .

  3. Pedda says:

    @Jim: Thanks for stopping by! I can imagine what an unforgettable hour that must have been. We’ll let you know if we find something else.

    @Richard: Thanks for your concern. Judging by her recent Facebook activity she’s fine. And I’m pretty sure she took a flight to LAX. I’ll send you an e-mail regarding your pics.

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