More Battlestar guests in Philadelphia

Wizard World Philadelphia

Wizard World Philadelphia

Two weeks from now, Luciana will be one of the featured guests at the Wizard World convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Luciana herself is already worth the travel, of course, but if you’re a Battlestar fan, the event got a lot more exciting over the past weeks.

That’s because Nicki Clyne (Cally Henderson), Michael Hogan (Saul Tigh) and Edward James Olmos (William Adama) will all join Luciana on the guest list. What a line up! All attendees have my sincerest envy.

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5 Responses to More Battlestar guests in Philadelphia

  1. I hope I run into Lucianna Carro at Wizard World I met her at Megacon in Orlando and she was one of the best guests there and hope to see her at
    Wizard World coming up . Thankyou for listening .

  2. four days and counting , can’t wait for Wizard World,
    my sister bought me an Amtrack train Ticket so hopefully
    nothing happing I will get to see her there . Can’t wait .
    Long live Battlestar Galactica

  3. never been on a train only once before when I was five so this should be fun .
    just wrote me a new novel to, The Stars Remember Us it’s on
    my author name is jojo check it out .I’m going to try and sell copies of it at the
    Wizard World has anyone else ever rode a train before ?
    What’s the experience like been a long time since I rode on one , when I was
    younger we went to Chicago and then California , saw the the baseball team
    the Cubs there and then we saw the Golden Gate Bridge nice birthday presents.
    So in four days I’ll be coming to Phil on a train coming from all the way from
    the Sunshine State itself Florida . See you four days Wizard World I’m going to
    be ready I hope you are too .and I better thanked my sister for buying the train
    ticket for my birthday , my birthday was June 8th

  4. Pedda says:

    Hey Richard! Thanks for your comments. First of all, happy belated birthday. ;) Second, yeah, I travel by train all the time (and almost never by car). But I’ve never done something like traveling from FL all the way up to PA, that sounds amazing. I hope you’ll have some great days at WW Philly! Please say hi to Luciana from us. ;)

  5. Richard Kallao says:

    hi I took some pictures at Wizard World and tomorrow
    I’m suppose to get a digital copy made of them once I
    get them back can I post them here ? They’re show you
    how much fun I had there .

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