More pictures from the 2nd BSG auction

While it’s been more than two weeks since the second BSG auction in Pasadena, new galleries of the event appeared on the web recently.

Cassie’s Lounge features a gallery of 27 beautiful pictures of Luciana from  preview day (May 8), including photos of her with a Cylon centurion, group shots with the other BSG stars in attendance, and very nice pictures of Luciana holding the famous Top Gun mug.

Luciana Carro at the 2nd BSG auction

Thanks for finding and hosting these beautiful pictures, Cassie!

In addition to that, altogether 40 pictures, including the ones posted on Cassie’s Lounge, are available in a gallery at But these photos are a bit smaller than Cassie’s, and they are watermarked. This gallery includes:

  • 19 pictures of Luciana,
  • 5 photos of Luciana and the other BSG stars posing with fans,
  • 9 group shots of Kate Vernon, Michael Trucco, Grace Park and Luciana posing for the camera, and
  • 7 pictures of those four during the question and answer panel.

You can buy copies of these 40 pictures at PR Photos for $5 each.

Furthermore, features a gallery of 38 similar photos. They were obviously taken at the same time as the others, but are not identical.

Also, some additional photos, taken on Sunday, May 10, can be viewed in light’s flickr photostream.

And in case you missed them, more photos are available in my previous blog entries about the auction, here and there.

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