Report from the 2nd BSG auction (Part 2)

On Saturday, May 9, the second day of the auction, no Kat related items were sold, unfortunately. But Luciana was of course on site like on all the other days of the auction.

She spent her time amongst the crowd of fans, as well as making an appearance in the live video stream. Luciana was interviewed for a minute or two, and when asked which item from this auction she would love to own the most, she – not surprisingly – admitted she would like to have the Viper Mark II. Because the auctioneer was proceeding at a fast pace, they didn’t have time for a longer talk with Luciana.

Here are two screen caps of the live video:

Photobucket Photobucket

Kat’s Viper nameplates, the last items related to Kat in the catalog, were auctioned off on Sunday, with the winning bids ranging from $300 to $700. There were three nameplates which showed her rank as lieutenant, and a set of two nameplates with the rank of captain.

The highlight of the day for fans of Luciana’s came later, though, when it was announced that the people from Propworx themselves bought one of these nameplates. They invited Luciana onto the stage and handed the nameplate over to her, as a gift. Luciana was very delighted to get a prop of the favorite show she starred on, and her fans will certainly agree that she absolutely deserves this nice gift.

You can watch a short video of her being presented with the nameplate here:

Last but not least, Mike Bieke kindly provided us with several incredible photos of Luciana in “her” old Viper which were taken on Sunday (click for full size):

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

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