Report from the 2nd BSG auction (Part 1)

Last weekend, Luciana attended the second BSG live auction in Pasadena, California. More than 900 props and costumes from Battlestar Galactica were open for bidding, including the Viper Mk II. The event was hosted by Propworx and broadcast live by the Auction Network, which also provided the option to participate online in the live auction.

Luciana Carro at the second BSG auction (by Mike Bieke)

Luciana Carro at the second BSG auction (by Mike Bieke)

Luciana was not just there for preview day on Thursday. She also visited the auction itself on all three days and spent a lot time with all the fans in attendance. On preview day, May 7 – where people could take a look at all the props on display before the actual auction started on Friday – she joined Kate Vernon, Michael Trucco and Grace park for a question and answer panel.

On Saturday (auction day 1), the first Kat related item to be auctioned off was a version of the Top Gun mug as seen in the episode “Scar”. The mug beer stein sold for $3,600, and the money was donated to an animal shelter in Canada. Item sponsor Luciana chose this animal shelter because they found her dog Alazar after he he had run away. Luciana was on stage during the bidding, and the people at the auction as well as those watching via the live stream witnessed a very cheerful Luciana, who was very touched by how much money the item’s sale raised for the charity.

The official blog of the Auction Network features several galleries, which include four pictures of Luciana from preview day (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4), and one picture of her on the first day of the auction, showing Luciana on stage while the Top Gun mug is auctioned off.

Two more small pictures taken during the Q&A panel are included in a gallery at Item9.

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