New address in LA (rep, fan mail)

I know, I know, you want more pictures. Yet, we interrupt our regular, exciting programming for some slightly less exciting business talk:

We were just informed that Luciana is not represented by Anthem Entertainment anymore. She apologizes to those who wrote to Anthem and who — since Luciana didn’t actually get those letters — didn’t hear back from her.

Luciana’s new agency is Diverse Talent. So if you want to send fan mail or request an autograph, or if you happen to cast Josh Hartnett’s love interest in his upcoming romantic comedy, please write to:

Luciana Carro
c/o Diverse Talent Group
1925 Century Park East
Suite 880
Los Angeles, California 90067

phone: (310) 201-6565
fax: (310) 201-6572

By the way, in Vancouver, Luciana is still repped by Performers Management (résumé).

Related link: How to get in touch with Luciana and her fans

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