Gallery: Chiller Theatre Expo

Luciana and dozens of fans just spent an amazing weekend at the second BSG live auction in Pasadena. There’s tons of wonderful pictures and reports all over the web — a good deal of which we’ve already linked to on the Fanboard. We’ll present all this, and even more, here on the blog very soon, but please give us a few more hours.

Meanwhile, have a look at the new, small gallery that we added to the Fansite’s Chiller page. The gallery includes two previously unpublished pictures that were sent in by DesLily, a long-time attendee of Chiller Theatre Expos. Thanks, Pat! View the gallery.

Luciana Carro at Chiller Theatre Expo (by John Meyler)

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1 Response to Gallery: Chiller Theatre Expo

  1. deslily says:

    glad you liked the photo’s!… I hope she does more television soon!

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