New Urgency trailer

A new trailer for Luciana’s upcoming movie Urgency is now available on the website of its production company, The Regent Entertainment Group.

Click here to watch the trailer. (The video is in Windows Media format and about 9 MB in size.)

The 90-second long trailer features several scenes with Luciana as Sofia, the main character’s wife.

The movie is about pharmaceutical executive Tony Gutierrez (played by Brian Austin Green), who finds himself trying to rescue his abducted wife (Luciana Carro). The kidnappers demand a ransom of $50,000 within 90 minutes, or they’ll kill her.

Tony soon discovers the kidnapping is connected to information he possesses and that people he knows are implicated. As time runs out, Tony must decide who is on his side, and who wants him dead.

A release date for Urgency is not yet known, but it will likely get a limited theatrical release in the U.S. later this year, with a subsequent DVD release being a strong possibility. The movie may be screened at film festivals as well.

Thanks to lilylemony for the hat tip.

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