Gallery of autographs

Luciana's trademark signature

Luciana's trademark signature

If you saw Luciana at a convention and queued up for an autograph, you could usually choose between at least half a dozen different pictures, mostly stills from Battlestar Galactica and shots from various photo shoots.

To give everyone an idea of what’s usually available, we recently added an gallery of autographs to the Fansite. This page presents 12 select pictures that have been, or still are, used for autographs at Luciana’s conventions.

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3 Responses to Gallery of autographs

  1. Rob says:

    /The three dots is very unique. Is there a story behind it

  2. Pedda says:

    Hey Rob!
    If I recall correctly, Luciana once told us there wasn’t an actual story behind those dots. But yeah, it’s a neat element of her trademark signature.

  3. Frosty JG says:

    Rob, you are right, these dots really make her signature unique. I like them.
    Pedda is correct, Luciana told me earlier this year that there is no deep meaning behind it, it’s just something she does. :-)

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